2012- A very successful Year for SpaceDyS


The last year was very successful for SpaceDyS, as the company exceed its main goal, described in the business plan, which was supposed to be achieved in three years from its constitution. It is performed indeed in the half of the time considering the trend of the turnover and of the current and confirmed projects. It is supported so far by a structured team, which number is also increased step by step over our expectations, according to the company needs.
Just at the end of 2012, SpaceDyS was admitted for the POR CReO Program through Regione Toscana for European funding. We actually scored very high and we are second in the list among many companies. That is one of the main results, the company was looking for, to go ahead. This funding regards a project for developing a new software library for orbit determination, which will last 2 years. The funding amounts to about 140 keuros, for a total cost of the project of 250 keuros.

Moreover, one of the lastest good news, is that SpaceDyS is called from ESA for the negotiation of EOLDC (End of Life Disposal Concepts) for Lagrange Point and HEO Missions Study. The aim of the study is to provide effective strategies for spacecraft operating on either Libration Point Orbits (LPO) or Highly Elliptical Orbits (HEO) at the end of their life.
So we are all pleased and proud to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of the new one, wishing to SpaceDyS a Merry Future!