Innovation Award 2016 to SpaceDyS



On November 28th 2016 SpaceDyS has been awared with the "Premio Innovazione 2016" (Innovation award 2016) of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa, concerning the project CEOD - Computational Engine for Orbit Determination. The ceremony was held in the presence of the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Pisa, the Regione Toscana councilor of the Presindece Office and other VIPs. The award consists in a plate and in a prize money of 15000 €.

SpaceDyS is very proud of this award and decided to use part of the prize to buy an all-sky camera for monitoring the meteors and fireball that pass over Navacchio. In fact, thanks to the collaboration of the Polo Tecnologico, the camera will be placed above one of the Polo's buildings. This camera will be part of the PRISMA consortium and the Franch network of FRIPON.