Second edition award "Impresa+Innovazione+lavoro 2014"

By competing with CEOD's project, on SpaceDyS was conferred the second edition award “Impresa+Innovazione+Lavoro 2014” by Regional Council of Tuscany. On 16th February 2015 our company was awarded the prize among start-up companies in recognition of carrying out the best practices in innovation and development field. For further details please click at the following link. 

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SpaceDyS is officlially a Spin-Off of UniPi

Since September 1st 2014 SpaceDyS has officially become a Spin-Off of the University of Pisa. This is an important step of the Company that stregthens the ties with the territory of Pisa and with the University from which the SpaceDyS team is coming from.

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SpaceDyS on Superquark and national media

We are glad to inform you that recently SpaceDyS has been attracted by the leading media coverage for the interest in its business core activities. On 2nd July “The Science”, the Italian version of "Scientific American", published the last article titled “Vicini, ma non troppo" related the threats of asteroids, which is written by some of the associates of the company, It underlines the importance of monitoring the NEA’s risks nowadays, thanks to an efficient network of telescopes. In June Fabrizio Bernardi (CEO) has been interviewed by RAI 5, in order to explain the main activities of our company as a...

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Inauguration of the European Space Agency’s NEO Coordination Centre (NEOCC)

The 22th May 2013 took place the inauguration of the Data Center NEOCC – at ESRIN, Frascati. This is the first European ESA’s NEOCC hub for gathering NEO data produced by institutes across Europe and for the coordination of the activities related to the potentially hazardous asteroids for the Earth. SpaceDyS and University of Pisa are giving a valid contribution in the NEODyS orbit propagation system, which computes precise orbits and predicts potential impacts for the next 100 years. SpaceDyS has a primary role in the new NEOCC management.

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2012- A very successful Year for SpaceDyS

  The last year was very successful for SpaceDyS, as the company exceed its main goal, described in the business plan, which was supposed to be achieved in three years from its constitution. It is performed indeed in the half of the time considering the trend of the turnover and of the current and confirmed projects. It is supported so far by a structured team, which number is also increased step by step over our expectations, according to the company needs.
Just at the end of 2012, SpaceDyS was admitted for the POR CReO Program through Regione Toscana for...

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VIII Award for Young Entrepreneurs to Linda Dimare

The 23rd November was held the VIII Award for Young Entrepreneurs 2012 organized by Pisa’s Chamber of Commerce. SpaceDyS is pleased to be represented by Linda Dimare, as vicepresident of the spin-off and one of the young skilled entrepreneurs of the team, who was awarded among the winners of this edition. An article was published at a local newspaper “Il Tirreno”.

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Space Revolution Made in Italy

By conceiving a new "fly-eye telescope" concept SpaceDyS's team has already found the most efficient solution concerning the question arisen form NASA and ESA for monitoring and cataloguing space debris, which since 1957 still threats the space. This advanced telescope of a wide range focusing field, is supposed to respect the architecture of a fly eye concept, which consists in net of small and simple eyes, each of these focused on only one direction. The images provided by each of this single eyes will be after that matched as a puzzle, in order to complete all the frame, achieving in this...

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Article on "Voglio vivere così world"

Roberto Bonzio published on-line at  website an article about the interview of Alessandro Rossi, an associate member of SpaceDyS srl, who is a senior researcher of asteroids, artificial satellites and space debris. Dr. Rossi explains the difficulties of R&D field in Italy in comparison with abroad (e.g. France). As an expert in the astronomy field of space debris he states that he tries to overcome the burocracy and difficulties in Italy by a continuous hard work, by interfacing with international experts and by matching the academic research with an entrepreneurial spirit as he is doing in our start up...

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Article about space debris at “BBC Science” of September

In September at BBC Science, a magazine of scientific matters, was published an article of Marco Mazzucco concerning the problem of space debris, which dealt with the movement of the debris around the earth’s orbit and with the probable risk of a collision of these debris with the other active orbit satellites.
 On this occasion was interviewed one of our associates Mr. Alessandro Rossi, who is an expert on the matter. In this article, whose magazine's circulation is national, is mentioned for the first time the name of our company SpaceDyS . This is a first small distinguishing mark of...

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