Business plan in progress

business plan


On 15th December 2016 was held the fifth Edition of the project  "Business Plan in Progress" fostered by Prof. Giovanna Mariani of the Economics degree course in "Bank, corporate finance and financial markets" of University of Pisa;  where SpaceDyS took part among other seven companies.

Thanks to this initiative SpaceDyS cooperated with two different groups of students in order to develop two strategic business plans for our company with the aim to:
- launch an innovative high- tech product in the market for the orbit determination “on board”: PRODEST-3
- analyse the feasibility, costs and break- even point of the project " internationalization"
The students have shown excellent capabilities on the analysis of the different steps.

The project was presented at the end to a venture capital specialized in the space sector; United Ventures from Milan. Thanks to this project  important cues were born for thoughts and new funding opportunities on our business. Therefore we are greteful to Prof. Giovanna Mariani for this initiative and for the new created synergies.